The key themes in my work are minimalistic simplicity and beauty.

I play with the perception of glass by experimenting with contrasts such as hard and soft, sharp and smooth, heavy and light. By amplifying the visual tension created between two elements.

My work is a combination of investigation into the laws of physics and the paradox I create within my own setting. I am interested in minerals and metals, captivated by their visual composition. I mimic these by manipulating and elevating the material until it is perceived with different value.

I seek beyond conventional techniques to unveil the unforeseen potential glass as a material has to offer. By investigating the methods and processes of making I perceive and embrace imperfection. Subsequently I enhance and modify these imperfections until they transform into enviable features and are perceived as decoration. And with the final end result, hoping to evoke wonder and amazement.

Hanne Enemark, 2012